OKLAHOMA CITY - A discussion about untested rape kits in Oklahoma takes an unexpected and ugly political twist.

Two members of a committee looking into 7,200 untested rape kits in the state, the Oklahoma County District Attorney and a rape survivor, faced off in what’s become a nasty race for attorney general.

Oklahoma County DA David Prater and board member Danielle Tudor had words after Tudor announced a press conference with Gentner Drummond after the meeting.

Drummond is in what’s become a pretty nasty race with Mike Hunter for the attorney general’s office.  

“And you attack during the middle of a task force when our work is not even near complete. That was wrong,” Prater told Tudor. 

Tudor shot back, “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.” 

Prater responded, “I don’t need to hear anything from you. Because you sat there quietly two task force meetings ago and said nothing to anyone. And then you chose to go and stab everyone in the back with your press release that was wrong and dishonest.”

Tudor said she had to go to the press.

“The only avenue I have for people to even know what’s going on is the media. That’s the only thing I have to be able to get that word out there you won’t meet with me the AG has not responded,” she said. 

“You said nothing. You sat quietly on your hands after everything you alleged had occurred already occurred and then two weeks later you send out a press release attacking Attorney General Hunter his office and everyone on the task force. That’s a lie,” Prater said. “And you hurt you hurt the cause that you say you advocate for. You hurt other people who are sexual assault victims when you did that.”

The task force will meet again later this month to discuss recommendations.