TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say Graham Dowers has been arrested on complaints of First Degree Rape and peeping with photographic equipment.

Police say the victim reported that she and Dowers had gone to a party Friday evening.  During the party, the victim said she began to feel dizzy and lose muscle control after having a drink.  Police say the victim believed she had been drugged and has limited memory of what happened.  They also say Dowers told officers he thought she had been "roofied" and should go to the hospital, but that he took her to his hotel room instead.

According to police reports, while at the hotel, Dowers raped the victim and recorded the act on his cell phone.  In a statement to police, the victim claimed that she was not in the state of mind to give consent and would have never consented to a video recording.  The victim called police after regaining consciousness Saturday morning.

Officers say they found Dowers at his hotel room and, during an interview at the Special Victims Unit, he admitted to the acts described by the victim.

Dowers was arrested and taken to the Tulsa County Jail.