BIXBY, Oklahoma - Union Public Schools says a former Bixby High School football player won't be allowed to play there.

On Wednesday it was reported that one of the Bixby players charged with rape by instrumentation of a teammate had transferred to Union Public Schools and had been listed on the preseason roster.

On Thursday Union Public Schools issued a statement about the student saying he will not be participating.

“District officials at Union Public Schools have decided that until the judicial process has concluded, Colten Cable will not be participating in Union’s football program. Given the gravity of the charges he faces, we are concerned about this being a distraction from the goals we have as an educational institution.”

Cable is one of four Bixby students charged with one count of rape by instrumentation. Attorneys for the accused argued that what happened wasn’t a sexual assault, but a prank that got out of hand.  The victim testified he didn’t believe it was sexual. The judge ruled, however, that the four should stand trial.