TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say witnesses helped them find the person who shot a man at an apartment complex near Pine and Harvard.

The suspect, Mario Edwards, is now in the Tulsa County Jail and police say it only took about 3 hours to track him down and arrest him. The arrest report said Edwards could face charges for shooting with intent to kill in connection with Sunday's shooting.

Police said Edwards, the victim, and another witness drove to the complex together and ended up getting into an argument. That's when Edwards shot Laron Henry in the leg before leaving the scene.

Henry is in the hospital right now. Officers said they found Edwards a few hours later at the Walmart near Admiral and Memorial, where he was getting into a cab. Officer Jeanne Pierce said witnesses gave investigators a strong suspect description and they said that helped police track Edwards down so quickly.

"For him to be wearing what witnesses had described him to be wearing also helps us connect him to the crime scene," Pierce said.

Police said Edwards has prior felony convictions.