TULSA, Oklahoma - Downtown Tulsa’s newest hotel opens to the public on Tuesday.

After two years of construction, Hotel Indigo will be opening.  The theme of the hotel is to tell the story of the oil workers in this area decades ago.

That story can be seen through the artwork on the walls and in the bedrooms.

The hotel will include a restaurant named “Prospect” and a rooftop bar and event space that has quite a view of downtown.

Jeff Hartman, the developer of Hotel Indigo, says travelers want to experience the city they are visiting and he thinks Hotel Indigo will be a real success.

“A boutique hotel this size brings a unique group into the area,” said Hartman.  “Over a given year, we will bring in 50,000 guests into this area and that is like taking a small city and moving it into the Blue Dome area, so that helps the rest of the businesses.”

Hotel Indigo has 93 rooms.