TULSA, Oklahoma - Two men are in jail after leading Tulsa Police on a chase. Officers said at times the suspects were driving more than 100 mph on I-44.

It's never a good thing to be caught in a stolen vehicle but police said the two suspects got themselves into even more trouble by driving so fast on the highway and putting other drivers at risk. Police said Cody Porter and Marcuel Grayson are both in jail after an officer saw them driving erratically on the Broken Arrow Expressway in a stolen Honda.

The officer followed the car and tried to stop them, but police said they were speeding along I-44 at more than 100 mph. TPD's helicopter kept track of the car and the two men were arrested near 51st and Yale.

Sergeant Shane Tuell said the helicopter saved the officer on the ground from staying in a dangerous chase.

"It's not worth risking the public's safety and it's not worth risking the officer's safety and we also have to think about the suspect's safety," said Tuell. 

Cody Porter was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints including eluding and possession of a stolen vehicle. Police say Porter is also being held on warrants out of Newton County, Missouri and McClain County in Oklahoma.

Marcuel Grayson was booked in jail on complaints including joyriding and resisting arrest.