TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police are looking for a robbery crew that’s doing takeover-style robberies, holding employees at gunpoint and making them open the store safe.

Surveillance video has been released from a robbery at a McDonald’s.

The video shows two people enter with guns, trying to cover their faces, and head straight for the back of the restaurant.

“It’s a takeover-style robbery.  They come in at closing time with guns, take over the store, or whatever it happens to be, and leave with cash,” said Sergeant Brian Blair.

In this case, one of the robbers forced a worker into a back room and then took everything out of a safe.  His partner walked in with a gun and made the worker leave.

Police believe the same two people have robbed four different places.  They believe there could be five suspects altogether.

“You’re talking about people wearing hoods, covering their whole faces, and gloves,” said Blair, “other than two people we have identified by personal characteristics.”

Police believe a robbery at another McDonald’s may be connected.

Surveillance video from that robbery shows a person in similar gray sweatpants and hoodie goes behind the counter with a gun.

“From the video we’ve seen, there’s two major guys and then, either they will come by their self or they will bring somebody new, or those two will go together,” Blair said.

Police say they believe if they don’t catch these robbers soon, someone could get hurt, or even killed.

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call police.