COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta police are now using a drone to map out the woods where a woman's body was found this week. Officers said Chrissie Varize's body was in the woods for at least two weeks.

Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell said this possible homicide is a tough one to crack.

"This is a very difficult case to work because nothing's leading us to what happened to Chrissy on her last days," Bell said.

Bell said they've been interviewing witnesses since they found 43-year-old Chrissie Varize's body on Monday. She'd been reported missing on Halloween.

"People that were around that knew this lady, that may have some knowledge on what she did her last couple days," Bell said.

But so far, they haven't come up with much. That's why Wednesday, Bell brought out the drone crew to search the woods where Varize's body was found.

"What we're doing today is we're actually bringing out our drone, and we're going to fly the drone up over the top of the tree line that you see behind me over here," said Bell. 

Police said Varize's home, where her cell phone and ID were found, is just on the other side of the woods.

"What that's gonna do, is it's actually going to give us a fresh perspective, something that we probably couldn't see from the ground level," said Bell. "We're actually out here today to do something we've never been able to do before."

And they're hoping the drone might show them something they didn't see before.

"Anything that's out of the ordinary, that doesn't belong there, that's new," Bell said. 

"Chief Bell said at this point in the investigation, it's really time for them to focus in and start connecting the bits of information they do have.