CATOOSA, Oklahoma - Catoosa Police are breaking their own rules for a good cause. Each officer is having to pay a fine for growing facial hair during “No Shave November”.

Catoosa PD says they've only been raising money for 10 days, but they say they've already raised more money than they thought they would the entire month. If you take a step inside the Catoosa Police Department and you'll find 13 officers competing to see who can grow the best beard during "No Shave November."

They may all have Officer Brent Colbert beat as he says he is hoping to win the prize for the worst beard, which is a free shaving kit.

"Which I hopefully will claim. I'm absolutely looking for the worst beard," said Colbert.

It's all fun and games but when it comes right down to it, it's for a good cause.

"We run into it every year that we'll come across a family on a call that we can tell absolutely needs a little bit of help," said Colbert. "We're also gonna try to help families with Christmas gifts and a Christmas dinner."

Since beards are technically against protocol each participating officer has to pay $25 a week for breaking the rules.

"It's 2018, beards are in style. I think people can relate to officers having beards, at least for a month," said Colbert.

With help from family, friends, and businesses Colbert says they've already raised a whopping $5,000.

"We're such a small department, I think we've already exceeded what we thought we were gonna do," said Colbert.

Colbert says it's just a little way to show the community how much they care.

"Part of our job that gets a little lost sometimes is we're not just here to write tickets and take people to jail. We're here to help the community," said Colbert.

If you’d like to help Catoosa Police raise money for families in need this holiday season, call the department at (918) 266-2424.