Four of the seven suspects are now in jail, after a gang fight over a vest, turns deadly. Police say members of the Hells Lovers one percent and the Thunder Guards one percent were involved in the fight.

Police say the fight happened in June when the two victims, who belong to the Thunder Guards told a prospect for Hells Lovers they didn't like him wearing his vest and they tried to take it from him.

According to police, the guy with the vest called the president of the Oklahoma chapter of the Hells Lovers and he showed up the next day with 10 to 15 guys to fight it out with the victims, who were at Torchy's bar in Tulsa. Police say the fight got out of hand and one victim was beaten unconscious and the other shot in the leg, that victim later died.

"I'm sure you have plenty of up and comers on the motorcycle club that say I'm going to make a name for myself right now and impress the boss and that's kinda what happened," said Sgt. Brian Hill of the TPD Gangs Unit.

To some, fighting over a vest might seem ridiculous, but, police say in the motorcycle gang world, their vest is sacred, and they have specific by-laws about protecting it and if anyone disrespects it.

Seven people are now charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault Ken Walters, aka Dallas, Kevin Fields, aka Black Superman, Mark Alexander, aka Dirty, Dwayne Arceneaux, aka D-Train, Troy Stinnett, aka Amp, Leon Harris, and Eddie Veal.

Police say both gangs call themselves one percenters.

“The one percenters, they're saying they are the most extreme, most serious and the one percent top of all motorcycle clubs in the entire United States," said Sgt. Hill. "Each club is different but the one unifying trait as far as the one percent motorcycle clubs is their complete hatred of law enforcement."

Which makes working a case like this, that much tougher. Not all seven suspects are yet in custody.