TULSA, Oklahoma - Owasso police have arrested a woman accused of abusing a dog. Police say Diana Olivares dropped off Red at an Owasso vet and didn't come back for weeks.

The vet said Red was dropped off with a broken shoulder, a pellet in his leg, and several infected wounds. Red, a Doberman, has been recovering at VCA Animal Medical Center in Owasso for two months now. 

Police said Diana Olivares dropped him off saying he’d been in a fight a week earlier, but vets said they don't think that's true. 

"The doctors had noticed it was not consistent with dogfight wounds. They were a little bit more bad and had been there for probably a month or two," said Shelby Groves with VCA Animal Medical Center.

Groves said they found a hole in Red’s leg because a wound had gotten infected. Police say Olivares didn't come back for red for two weeks, despite the vet calling and texting dozens of times.

They said she first said Red belonged to a relative who was in the military, then later said he belonged to a relative working in the oil field. Police said the vet told Olivares she wouldn’t be keeping Red.

"When you take an animal it is your responsibility. And they become part of your family. And that's all we want is to have unconditional love and be taken care of," said Groves.

News On 6 reached out to Olivares, but she said she didn't want to comment at this time.

"If she was going to dump the dog, we are just grateful she dumped him here because he is getting all the love and care he deserves and he needs because he is a fantastic dog," Groves said.

Now Red is happy and loves his treats. Vets said he will most likely always limp, but they’re thankful they didn't have to amputate his leg. 

The vet said Red has been adopted and will be able to go to his new home after he finishes a few months of rehab. 

Jail records show Olivares, who bonded out of jail, has a court appearance set for November 15th.