PAWHUSKA, Oklahoma - A new mom isn't sure what her sons' birth certificate will say about where he was born. Normally a birth certificate lists the hospital, in this case, it would have been St. John’s in Owasso. But the parents didn't make it.

Savahna Ryherd is a new mom to Elijah. Last Friday after 38 weeks and 2 days the contractions came and just before midnight.

“That's when I told my husband we need to go and we loaded up and I thought last time we went to the hospital when contractions were 3 minutes apart and we made it there in time and I was still there four hours before we had the baby. Didn't work that way,” said Savahna.

That's where the passenger seat of their Chrysler comes into the picture. Little Elijah was born in the car. Her husband said stop, but the baby was tired of waiting.

“I caught the baby myself. Laid back in the seat of the car, pushed, caught the baby, put the baby under my shirt, cleared his throat out all while my husband was calmly driving,” said Savahna.

And all 7 pounds, 4 oz, of Elijah, is fine. The family made it to the hospital a few minutes later. It was just around the corner. And that makes the stoplight by the Wal-Mart on 96th Street the birthplace of Elijah Ryherd.

“He was just in a hurry, ready to be in the world,” said Savahna. “Everyone says he's got a nice little story to tell growing up now, makes it more special.”