TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says they are prepared for winter this year than ever before.

ODOT says they would much rather be safe than sorry during the upcoming winter weather season. 

The department says they have more than 500 salt trucks ready to hit roads across the state and crews are prepared for 12-hour shifts on days when it's needed.

While they're more prepared than ever to keep Oklahomans safe, they need drivers to do their part too.

"We will hit bridges and overpasses first because they freeze first. And those are the areas that we really caution motorists to avoid if at all possible until salt and sand trucks have been through the area," said ODOT spokesperson, Lisa Shearer-Salim.
Shearer-Salim stresses that snow and ice aren't always cleared in one day, so use caution.

ODOT encourages drivers to listen closely to the forecast and stay off the roads if possible on days like today when there is winter weather.