TULSA, Oklahoma - We’ve had our first snow of the season!  It may look pretty, but the snow and cold can also be very dangerous, especially for children.

The principal at Hamilton Elementary School in Tulsa says she noticed kids coming to class without warm clothing.  She says some families can’t afford it and this first blast of winter weather has her worried.

“It looks beautiful outside,” said principal Tara Carr.  “The kids have been so excited all day but, unfortunately, we just weren’t quite prepared enough for it.”

Carr has been the principal at Hamilton Elementary for four years, and each year she notices some kids don’t have warm clothes.

“It’s really hard to decide what kind of a winter it is going to be this year and what kind of supplies do I need for all of my kiddos,” she said.  “They were coming from snowball fights or sledding today.  They’re like, ‘Mrs. Carr my hands are cold,’ so I was a little worried about them.”

Principal Carr posted photos of the kids having fun in the snow, and her concerns, in a group friend chat.

“She sent us a picture of the kids playing in the snow and, so I was like, ‘Yay, snow,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, a lot of them don’t have their proper winter gear yet,” recalled Sarah DiGregorio.

Within a couple of hours, DiGregorio came through with a large donation.

“I try to help where I can,” she said.  “I’m a single person with no kids, so I have extra money and extra time.”

“We’re going to have a table out here today with hats and gloves for the families that we would not have had without her,” said Carr.  “People who are walking by can grab what they need.  That way there’s no shame and not as cold of a walk home, hopefully, that they might have had this morning.”

DiGregorio donated more than 50 items on Monday.