TULSA, Oklahoma - Getting $10,000 just to move to Tulsa sounds pretty good.  The George Kaiser Family Foundation is offering just that.

The program is called Tulsa Remote, and the George Kaiser Family Foundation launched a website on Tuesday for applications.  The interest has been huge.

In the first hour the site was live, 65 people applied.

The Foundation is offering eligible applicants $10,000 to move to Tulsa and work remotely from here.

“Attract talented individuals who want to be part of what’s happening in Tulsa,” said program manager Aaron Bolzle.

Bolzle is originally from Tulsa.  He left for 14 years and recently moved back.

“I was coming back for the holidays year after year and seeing this town become cooler and cooler,” he said.

It’s people like Bolzle and Darla Bunting who the Foundation is trying to recruit.

Bunting followed her fiancé here from Washington, D.C., one month ago and now works remotely from Tulsa as Executive Director of Enriched Schools.

“So many people want to get to know you and want to help you out and are extremely passionate about Tulsa, about what Tulsa is and what it can be,” she said.

Each $10,000 grant will be handed out over the course of a year to remote workers or entrepreneurs living outside of Tulsa County.  It will cover moving expenses, a $500 per month stipend, and $1,500 at the end of the year-long program.

The goal is to keep the people here much longer than that, similar to programs like Teach for America and Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

“To see how they have adopted Tulsa as an additional home town and put their own mark in the community is pretty impressive,” Bolzle said.

“I wanted to settle down in a place that was really family friendly, but also a place where I can make a difference,” stated Bunting.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation is also partnering with 36 Degrees North and TYPROS to help facilitate Tulsa Remote.