TULSA, Oklahoma - A retired Tulsa police officer is on the cover of Time magazine’s “Guns in America” issue.

The magazine interviewed 245 people with diverse opinions about guns.

The goal is to get people talking about the issue in a new way.

The online version of the issue is interactive – you can touch each picture and hear that person’s views on guns.

Retired Tulsa police officer, and now competitive shooter, Dianna Muller represents the pro-2nd Amendment perspective.

Muller travels all over the world competing in three-gun shooting events and is an advocate for gun ownership.

“The point of the project is to start a conversation and to have everyone represented,” she said.  “From my perspective, I was very thankful.  I said, ‘Yes,’ because we don’t often, as gun owners, get to have a voice.”

Time worked with the artist and photographer, J.R., who’s known for his murals.

“Time and J.R. really wanted their piece to be a conversation starter, not the normal one side going at the other side and neither side listening,” said Muller.

She says each person was photographed individually in front of a green screen, then all edited together to create the finished project.  She was invited to New York when the mural first debuted in an art gallery.

“The next day, the artist puts the mural on the wall, strip by strip by strip up on a wall of a building in the middle of Manhattan,” she said.

Despite people’s many differences on the gun issue, Muller says, there is one thing they all agree on – the desire for them and their loved ones to be safe.

“I think that’s the common ground, that everybody wants to be safe,” she said.  “We just have two different ways of looking at the situation.  I believe education is the key and they believe legislation is the key.”

The mural will be traveling to different cities where they’ll be hosting discussions, as well.  Muller says she’d love to see it come to Tulsa.