TULSA, Oklahoma - A man is in the hospital after Tulsa Police say he was shot by his ex-girlfriend near 15th and 129th East Avenue. The woman claims she shot him because he attacked her.

Neighbors said this is a very tight-knit area where there's not usually a lot going on. So, they were very surprised to hear about the shooting.

Police said the woman who lives there answered her door and her ex-boyfriend forced his way into her house. The woman told police he assaulted her, so she grabbed a gun and shot him. They said the man was alert and talking when EMSA took him to the hospital. 

Rachel Chappell grew up on the street and her mother still lives a few houses down. She said she's glad the victim is okay and doesn't blame her for how she handled the situation.

"Good for her. I mean, if he was coming in there to hurt her and assault her, she has every right to protect herself," said Chappell.

Police said the man who was shot is expected to be okay. They said the woman was questioned and last time we checked, she was not arrested.