TULSA, Oklahoma - Breweries are something new popping up in some Oklahoma casinos.

The new Osage Casino in Tulsa has one, and it’s one of a dozen craft beer operations now in the Tulsa area.

Ryan Smart is pouring us a taste of four of the beers that Nine-Band Brewing Company is crafting inside the Osage Casino.

“Everything that’s being produced here will go to the whole state of Oklahoma,” said Smart.

They’ve been at it since the beginning of October and invited News On 6 in for a kegging, which represents the beginning of being able to ship Nine Band beer to the rest of the state.

Smart says making beer is a lot like baking.

“Everything comes down to temperature, time, and ingredients,” he said.  “There’s no willy-nillying going on in this production here.”

Once the cooking is done, it goes to the fermentation tanks, and then they keg it.

The “Nine-Band” in the name of the beer refers to the bands in the shell of a nine-banded armadillo.