JENKS, Oklahoma - A hybrid health clinic in Jenks wants to bring healthcare to all age groups, no matter their financial situations.

Doctor Kara Beair Butler says the point of this clinic is to help care for as many people as possible – kids and adults, with or without health insurance.

Shane Murphy says, unfortunately, he doesn’t have insurance through his job.

“If I didn’t feel well, I just had to make do and push through,” he said.  “It’s a struggle.”

He says when he heard a clinic in Jenks was offering a monthly subscription for people without insurance, it was a lifesaver.

“It’s unique to me, and it’s unique to hear someone is actually making it easier for someone to get care,” said Murphy.

The monthly cost depends on if you’re an individual, a couple, or a family.

Dr. Butler says she wanted to make it affordable regardless.

“We wanted families to feel comfortable coming here, no matter what their financial situation was or their insurance coverage,” she said.

Dr. Butler says she’s one of very few doctors trained in internal and pediatric medicine.

“It’s really important to me that I can see patients of all ages and we can provide the best care for them,” she said.

Her mom, Kim Beair, is a licensed therapist, so they’ll take care of mental and behavioral health issues, too.

“A patient who has issues with depression or anxiety can’t get the very best care possible unless we take care of those things,” said Butler.

If you’d like to book an appointment or learn more about direct primary care (the monthly subscription service), call (918)995-2395.