MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Muskogee Police Department has released body cam video of the officer-involved shooting that left a suspect dead earlier this week.

Andrew Kana was shot and killed November 12 while being arrested on felony warrants, according to MPD. Police said Sergeant Ron Yates was handcuffing Kana when the suspect pulled out a sub-compact Glock .380 pistol and raised it toward the officer.

Sgt. Yates is being represented by Scott Wood an expert on Officer-Involved shootings. Wood has represented more than 100 Officers involved in shooting cases. Although he has never been directly involved in a shooting, when he was an officer, he witnessed someone being shot and killed.

"After the smoke clears so to speak and you go home, and you sit down and it's just kind of surreal you think did that really happen," said Wood.

Wood says over the years, the number of resources available to Police has drastically improved.

"25 years ago, if an Officer was involved in a shooting there was a better than 50 percent chance that five years later that person would no longer be in law enforcement,” said Wood.

Wood says early recognition and treatment of psychological trauma for all first responders can help them stay mentally healthy.

"There are a lot more resources available to officers not only from a councilor standpoint but peer support groups talking to other police officers that have been involved in shootings," said Wood.