OWASSO, Oklahoma - A Collinsville man is in jail after Owasso Police say he led them on a chase that went through a quarry before ending in a pond.

Police say Cory Spargur was outside his ex-wife's home trying to see his son. In a jailhouse interview, Spargur says he knew he was violating a protective order in trying to do so.

"We got a newborn baby together and I feel that I'm entitled to see my son just as she is," said Spargur.

Spargur says he took off while an officer was talking with his child's mother. Officers chased after him and they say Spargur tried to hit him near 86th Street North and 129th East Avenue.

"Well that definitely upped the ante for us because he showed a willingness to use violence at that point so we wanted to make sure we got him into custody," said Lt. Nick Boatman.

"It was a blessing that I swerved off and missed that. That was a stupid call to try to pull in front of me like that but I know it was stupid on my part, no doubt," said Spargur.

Police say Spargur jumped into a pond near the quarry and that's when they arrested him. Spargur says he knows it wasn't a good idea, but he does not regret trying to see his child.

"There's nothing I won't do for my children. If it means running from police, if it means hitting the police but for whatever, it's just. I'll do it for them and I know sometimes, those efforts are consequential," said Spargur.

Spargur says he was driving his roommate's car during the chase.