TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa teenager accused killing a man outside a Tulsa Convenience store is in a Florida jail Friday night.

Wesley Moman IV was picked up by U.S. Marshals at a motel. Tulsa Police say 14-Year-Old Moman is one of three people charged with first-degree murder in the death of Lenaryd Tillis.

This shooting happened back in August but some of the witnesses still remember it like it was yesterday.

"It was just crazy to have this all unfold right there in front of our eyes," said Cross Over Prep Academy Executive Director Phillip Abode.

Abode says his 7th and 8th-grade football team was practicing in the field across the street from the convenience store on August 30th when they started to hear gunshots.

"I’ve never heard it that loud and that long because it was a really long barrage of bullets," said Abode.

Abode says the scene was very chaotic, but they started to hear someone yelling for help from the parking lot and it ended up being the victim, Lenaryd Tillis who died several hours later at the hospital.

"He was laying there. He was talking. there wasn’t a lot of blood," said Abode.

Tulsa Police say several shots were exchanged between Tillis and the three people accused of killing him Antonio Wilson who was arrested on October 10th, Wesley Moman IV who was picked up by U.S. Marshals yesterday in Florida, and Robert McCoy who is still on the run.

"There’s nowhere people can run that we can't track them down and bring them back," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Dayne Williams.

Moman is only 14 but will be charged as an adult for Tillis' murder. Tulsa Police say they are seeing more teenage suspects lately.

"They're just kids that want to get a jump start on ruining their lives," said TPD Sgt. Brandon Watkins

Abode says that day was traumatizing for his players who are right around the same age as one of the shooters, but he says they've tried to use this as a lesson moving forward.

"It’s just heartbreaking but it does give us the resolve to keep doing what we’re doing so it doesn’t become the story for the young men in our community," said Abode.

Wesley Moman was booked into the Polk County Jail Thursday night, he's awaiting extradition to Oklahoma to face first-degree murder charges.