ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - We have new details about the feud that police say led to the murder of a Rogers County man. Investigators arrested the victim's stepson. The victim's attorney said the two men had been feuding for years.

Kevin Foster is still in the Tulsa County Jail accused of murdering his step-father, Ricky Swan. Swan’s attorney said their family dispute centered around money and property.

"I hope justice is served against Kevin. Based on what I've heard it seems pretty obvious that he killed him," said Attorney Steve Peters.

Peters was Ricky Swan's attorney. He said a feud between Swan and his stepson Kevin Foster ultimately led to Swan's murder last week.

Investigators believe Foster shot and killed Swan then set a fire to cover up the crime. Swan’s attorney said the two were supposed to be in court on the day of Swan's murder, but Swan never made it.

"I talked to Rick at 9:50 told him where to meet me at the courthouse. About an hour later I got a phone call from his friend saying they thought Rick was dead," said Peters.

In a cell phone video Swan made last March, he accused his stepson of breaking into his house, stealing documents, and planting child porn on his computer.

"I've been set up. When they started saying what they were saying about all those images. I knew that wasn't mine. I knew I didn't do that," Swan said in the video.

An affidavit said while the stepson is the one who initially reported the child porn to police, investigators found 16,000 child porn images along with 400 child porn videos along with meth and thousands of pills. It said Swan admitted he had the inappropriate pictures of young girls.

Swan’s attorney said the man described in these incidents is nothing at all like the friend and client he remembers.

"Rick himself was a very kind guy, was trying to do the right thing, and was just upset by the whole situation," said Peters.

News On 6 requested a jailhouse interview with foster last week, but he declined. He'll be moved to Rogers County Jail later this week.