LEONARD, Oklahoma - Fire investigators are learning new information about the moments leading up to a house explosion in Leonard, which is just outside of Bixby.

Neighbors have been driving by the scene all day, taking a look at the damage. Firefighters spent a couple of hours sifting through the debris Tuesday.

They said the man who lives there installed a new heater just a few hours before his house exploded. The fire chief said a faulty install could be to blame but they said it's too early in the investigation to know for sure.

Firefighters said the flames went straight up and did not spread to any other homes, but we've seen shattered glass and other debris around the property. Several neighbors said they felt and heard the explosion from miles away and drove by Tuesday morning to see what's left.

Peggy Edmondson and her husband own the house next door and say they were stunned to see the destruction.

"It's just heartbreaking to see the damage. It could've been our house, you never know," said Edmondson.

Firefighters said no one was inside the home when this happened.