ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Rogers County Sheriff's office is asking for help again after coming up with no leads on a burglary at a county office.

They say a man broke into the Rogers County Rural Water District #5 offices early on October 20th.

When the break-in happened, deputies say they thought the surveillance footage was good enough that suspect would be recognized, but no one has called.

The suspect was clearly seen in the surveillance video.  He’s a white male, right handed, with a goatee, wearing lace-up work boots, and a ball cap, with a hoodie that had a small square logo on the back.

The pickup he was driving is distinctive, too.  It’s a white, four-door Ford F-250 XL, model year 2017 or 2018.

The sheriff’s office is hopeful that publicizing the surveillance images again will help generate some leads.

Deputies say there was a second person in the vehicle, but they’re hoping someone will recognize the driver and let them know who he is.

“It’s late at night and no one is around and, if they can find a facility that might have cash or computers, there’s a lot of items that these facilities have that you don’t think about,” said Major Coy Jenkins, “but burglars know and they’re going to try and get it.”

The man tried several doors before he got inside.  Deputies say he didn’t take much but they want him caught before he can do something like this again.

If you have information about this crime or can identify the suspect, please call the Rogers County Sheriff’s Crime Tip Hotline at 918-341-3620.