TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is the victim of a hit and run while riding his bike near the corner of 14th and Peoria last week.

Instead of running his first fully-trained marathon over the weekend, Ry Lewis was in a hospital with every bone in his left leg broken.  He hopes someone can help identify the driver who left him without a care.

“I really hope that this person lies awake at night wondering if I survived or not,” said Lewis.  “I want to know if this person wakes up in a cold sweat thinking they killed someone.”

After two surgeries and sleepless nights, he is recovering at St. John Medical Center instead of celebrating with family and friends.

“They put a titanium rod in and then they affixed an internal support, which was bolted to my femur, and bolted to my shin and came out of my leg and came back in,” stated Lewis.

Lewis is a passionate cyclist and runner.  He says he was hoping to run his first fully-trained marathon over the weekend, until he was hit while biking three days before.

“I see a bumper coming way too fast and then it’s a blip,” he recalled.  “It’s not a visual.  It’s hard impact and then it’s a blip, and then I’m shaking, freezing up against the fence overlooking the B.A. in the grass.”

Lewis says he always follows the rules of the road, rides with a helmet, two lights, and a mirror, but the impact threw him about 15 feet.

“Just writhing in pain, a lot, a lot of pain, and some good patron eventually stopped, and they called for an ambulance for me,” he said.

He says that, while he hopes the person who hit him gets caught, he also wants people on the road to be aware of their surroundings.

“I hope to get back to running someday,” Lewis said.  “I expect to get back to running someday.  I expect I’ll be able to bike someday.  My confidence is shaken.”