SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies arrest an Arkansas man they say drove up to Tulsa Police officers late Tuesday and asked them where he could buy marijuana.

Just before midnight, Tulsa Police say 31-year-old Joshua Stacy pulled up to officers near 4th and Houston while they were working a traffic accident and asked about buying the drug.

Officers say Stacy then drove off leading police as well as Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies on a slow speed pursuit from Tulsa into Sand Springs.

Deputies say eventually, thanks to the use of stop sticks.  They said the truck's tires went flat after rolling over four stop sticks.

Eventually, they say Stacy stopped his truck in the parking lot of the Sand Springs Atwood's in the 9100 block of West Charles Page Boulevard, but refused to get out of the truck.

TCSO Captain John Bryant says they broke the truck's window and took him into custody.

"Luckily, he was driving very slow and he was very easy to contain and we were able to get him stopped," said Captain John Bryant.

Stacy was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints including eluding and resisting arrest.