TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police need help identifying three men caught on video fighting with two other men. Police said one victim was knocked unconscious.

The assault took place in between Whiskey 918 and Ross Group near 2nd and Greenwood Downtown but someone caught it all on their cell phone, and now police hope the public can help them.

The video is shot from across 2nd street just after 2 a.m. as Whisky 918 was closing

"Words were exchanged, and the fight was on," said officer Dave Pyle.

The group was throwing punches and one of the men took a major hit to the face.

"One of them either from the final blow or from the fall got his teeth knocked out," said Pyle.

"The other fella was knocked out and one of the guys apparently that attacked him went after his money when he was out," Pyle said.

So now Tulsa police need your help because they don't even know who took the cell phone video. Officer Pyle said one of the victims got a hold of it and turned it into investigators but said he didn't know the men.

There is also surveillance video from the business next door of the suspects walking right under the camera and you can clearly see their faces. The assault happened more than a month ago and police still have no leads.

"If the suspects happen to see this they should probably come forward and tell their side of the story,” Pyle said.

Officer Pyle said since the fight happened off the property and after hours the bar is not directly responsible. But if these guys are caught, they will face some serious charges.

"Front teeth knocked out probably merits a felony assault charge and taking the money after the fact that’s a separate felony charge," said Pyle.

Not only are investigators looking for the names of the suspects but also the person who recorded the video and any other witnesses who may be able to help.