TULSA, Oklahoma - State troopers have a strong warning ahead of the deadliest holiday on the roads.

One of the biggest safety concerns – people driving under the influence.  Last year alone, there were 60 DUI crashes from the day before Thanksgiving through the weekend and nine people died on Oklahoma roads.

It’s the busiest bar night of the year.  Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge says it has extra staff and security working.

“Some people call it Drunksgiving, others call it Blackout Wednesday,” said Anton Vonostendorf.  “After the liquor laws changed in October, everybody that has a liquor license is required to take an alcohol prevention safety course, so every one of our employees has taken it.  Everyone knows the signs to look for for people who are over-intoxicated.”

And so do troopers.

“Whether it’s driving slower than the speed limit or bumping the white line,” said Lieutenant Dwight Durant.  “Buzzed driving is drunk driving.”

Troopers nationwide are cracking down.  They call it the I-40 Challenge.  From coast to coast, from California all the way to North Carolina, there will be a trooper every 10 to 20 miles, including the 331-mile stretch of I-40 through Oklahoma.

The busy roads and busy bars are a deadly combination.  State stats show 35 percent of fatal crashes during the holidays are alcohol related.

“In today’s world, with cell phones, with Uber,” said Durant, “we shouldn’t be having these crashes.”