TULSA, Oklahoma - Five people are in jail after Broken Arrow police say a group of intruders tried breaking into a home. But, the homeowner shot one of them.

Police have not said if the suspects and the homeowner had any dealings before but said it was unusual for that many people to show up to burglarize a house during the night.

The neighborhood woke up early on Thanksgiving. It was about 4:45 in the morning when gunfire came out of a house near North 31st St. and Kenosha.

“It woke me up and they were rapid, one right after another 5 or 6 shots, and it scared me. It sounded close like it was right here,” said neighbor James Larkins. 

The shots were close; right next door. The homeowner fired the shots, according to police, who said he was shooting at a group of intruders.

“The suspect was at the door when he was shot. What you see here in the street was where he was moved for lifesaving measures,” said Detective Sergeant Ian Buchanan.

Police said the man who was shot was hit several times, had a critical injury, and needed surgery. There were several other men with him, but they were not hit, and the bullets didn't hit nearby houses.

“I have three little daughters and it scared me, you never know, any more a bullet could, and that's a scary thought, especially being right next door and that close,” said Larkins.

The police waited several hours for a search warrant before they went into the house to look for evidence of what the intruders were after. The homeowner was questioned at police headquarters and returned home and questioned there.

“We're going to recover shell casings from the firearm used by the homeowner, get the trajectory, basically work the shooting scene,” said Detective Buchanan. 

Police said they were unsure why a large group would target this house early Thanksgiving morning. Detectives were questioning neighbors, but several said they didn't notice anything unusual until the burst of gunfire early Thursday morning.

Broken Arrow Police have not released the name of the man who was shot or the name of the homeowner who shot him.