TULSA, Oklahoma - Two people are behind bars accused of murder after Tulsa police said they sold drugs to a man who then died from an overdose.

These charges are part of a trend we're seeing recently as law enforcement is now holding drug dealers accountable when someone dies from their product. Alex Schmitt and Toni Heath are both booked into jail for felony murder and drug charges.

Police said they supplied drugs to the victim who died of an overdose the next day. An affidavit said Alex Schmitt told officers, "he was a small-time drug dealer and he only sold enough heroin to support his own habit."

He said he would buy heroin and then give it to Heath to sell. Officers said the victim’s brother found him unconscious on the bathroom floor with a syringe lying next to him.

Broken Arrow Firefighters tried to save his life, but he didn't make it.

Police searched Schmitt and Heath's home and say they found heroin, meth, and digital scales. The report said both Heath and Schmitt admitted to selling heroin to the victim the day before his overdose.

This arrest is another example of the Attorney General following through on a commitment he made in April to crack down on drug dealers.

"We're certainly going to pursue others where we have that kind of evidence, and we think it will reduce the number of people who are willing to take up that endeavor as a lifestyle," said Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan.

"The user in this sense, even though they're using an illegal substance, are the victim. They're trapped in that addiction and that system to where they can't escape," said Assistant Tulsa County DA Erik Grayless. 

In another Tulsa County case, a judge recently ordered a man to stand trial for murder after selling heroin to a 19-year-old girl who overdosed and died.