CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - The first medical marijuana dispensary in Creek County is now up and running. The Sacred Herb opened Friday morning and welcomed customers throughout the day.

The owner says Friday marks a milestone for the medical marijuana industry.

"Just glad to be a part of it and glad to be on the front line being one of the first out," said Bill Newton.

Newton knew exactly why he wanted to start his medical marijuana business.

"There's so many useful uses for it. Even for kids and animals. That was our goal," said Newton.

He says he's met many people like Contessa Medina, who suffers from medical conditions where marijuana has helped change her life.

"Me, myself, I am a sufferer of mental illness and it's helped me not have to be on pharmaceutical medication and that for me is a big deal," said Medina.

And as Bill's team begins to sell their product, keeping it safe has been a priority. A  large vault is used to keep intruders from getting in.

"Not only acts like a cellar and keeps our products cool and from drying out, but it will stop the crooks until the police get here," said Newton.

Today was a long time coming for Bill and his employees, and he says it's only just the beginning. 

"We put a lot of time a lot of money into it with kind of an unknown with what the result was going to be but everything worked out," said Newton.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.