TULSA, Oklahoma - Vandals have busted more than a dozen windows at a Tulsa church. Now, church leaders are trying to figure out how they're going to replace everything.

Johana Lopez says whoever did this used rocks to break just about every window on the back of their church. Glass litters the grounds at Centro Familiar De Adoracion.

"Three office windows were broken, one chapel window broken. Then we look around, and they're all broken," said Lopez.

Lopez says it happened sometime on Friday and Saturday.

"It's not really like we have savings for broken windows. We definitely don't," said Lopez.

The church has been in this building for 18 years and the pastor's family says they've never experienced anything like this.

"I feel so desperate. Because I don't know at the moment how we can cover all the windows," said Giselle Chacon.

Giselle is the pastor's wife.  She and her daughter, Johana, have spent countless hours painting and refurbishing the building over the years which is why they say a setback like this is so devastating.

"To us, this is like our home. Anyone who comes to the church, it's your home," said Lopez

Lopez says they get their money purely from off tithes and offerings.

"A church is not a place to make money, so it's not like we have money there, stashed."

She thinks it'll cost several thousand dollars for the windows, and the work it'll take to replace them all.

"We don't want this to happen to any church, because we know the burden, and it's big," said Lopez.

Lopez says they believe it could have been some kids messing around but the mess they left behind is an expensive one.

"People don't realize what damage they do, on a little fun day," she said. "We expect the church to be secure, we expect the church to be safe. And respected, yes."

"If you have information about who might have been involved in this, call Crime Stoppers.