TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have released dashcam video of a chase and the arrest of a suspect last month.

The video shows a police dog sniffing out Sebastian Cobelo as he was hiding in a stranger's empty jeep after leading police on the chase.

Officers say it all began when they found 42-year-old Sebastian Cobelo asleep inside an idling car. When they woke him police say he drove off and later crashed into a fence and ran away.

"This suspect did have firearms in his car when he fled and the officer who came upon him did think he was trying to access them while talking to him," said TPD Sgt. Ryan Woods.

TPD quickly sent up the helicopter which spotted someone jumping into a jeep in a nearby neighborhood. That's when the K9 unit was able to get through a gate on that property and seconds later the dog found Cobelo.

"Which makes it safer for officers because that suspect is now concerned about the dog on their person instead of him trying to harm an officer or something at that point," said Sgt. Woods.

K9's are used in these type of scenarios because the dogs can alert the officers to any danger before they have to get in close contact with the suspect.

"They could not see him or his hands knew he was in there cause he was screaming and could see the dog was wrestling with something," said Sgt. Woods.

And in this case, it was a suspect that had a long rap sheet with police

"[He] was a dangerous guy. he was arrested about a week and a half before this for same crimes firearms being included," said Sgt. Woods.

Cobelo was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana, eluding and resisting arrest. Court records show Cobelo bonded out of jail on November 14th and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for the 29th.