CUSHING, Oklahoma - Two years after a devastating earthquake hit the city of Cushing the community is still trying to bounce back.

That 5.0 quake hit Downtown Cushing hard and the aftershocks are still being felt both physically and economically. Some things will never be the same in Cushing but together those who live and work there are determined to turn things around.

"I think a lot of people thought when the earthquake happened we were done for," said Tracy Caulfield the President of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce.

Sunday, November 6th, 2016 changed the landscape of downtown Cushing forever. At the Cimarron Tower at least 10 apartments are still too damaged to live in.

"You hear little ones and you would hear rumbles but when they're really big, they're very big and very loud," said Michele Music of Cushing.

Shattered glass, bricks, and buildings beyond repair lined Broadway Street but over the past two years, broken hearts have come together to make downtown thrive again.

"Everything in my store is under $30," said Megan Newman.

A little more than a year ago Megan opened the BeYOUtiful women and children's clothing boutique.

"Business has been really good, it's been very good," she said.

Megan admits she was nervous about opening downtown.

"Because there isn't a lot of business but there is a lot of potential for business," she said.

Tracy Caulfield hopes more new businesses will open.

"We're constantly trying to attract developers that want to give it a chance and want to be a Megan and have that enthusiasm,” said Caulfield.

Still, there are many empty spaces, storefronts along Broadway and a block over are only used for storage some appear abandoned altogether.

“It is hard because there is so much that could be brought downtown. I'm excited to say I know some things are coming our way,” said Music.

Some of those things include a revitalization of the theater which should be done soon as well as a new coffee shop. It’s Growth that they hope will continue into the new year.