CHOUTEAU, Oklahoma - A man who owns a window and siding business is frustrated because thieves stole his work trailer loaded with tools and nearly two dozen new windows, costing his small business thousands of dollars.

Mark Gibson said he's setting up a new trailer, so he can keep the family business running.

Thieves took Gibson’s 16-foot work trailer from an Inola house where Mark was working. He said the trailer was loaded with tools and supplies for his window and siding business.

"It's a 16-foot tandem trailer, it's green, but then it's got a set of black racks welded to it with hooks on both sides," Gibson said.

The right rear tire on the trailer is silver, while all the others are black. Mark said he was at church when the homeowners called and said his trailer was gone.

Hours later, someone texted him to say they saw a red truck pulling Mark's trailer in Tulsa.

"Either it was 36th Street North or 46th Street North and Sheridan was the last report that he had of where they were at. A semi-truck cut him off and he lost sight of it," said Gibson.

Mark said his dad started the business in 1954, then Gibson took it over in 1993. He said in nearly 70 years, nothing like this has ever happened.

"I'm just going to hope for the best that it's found. I have my doubts, but you know with as many people out there that have shared and seen my story already, hopefully, somebody will step up,” Gibson said.

Mark said he's thankful he was able to afford a used replacement trailer to keep the business going, but the timing is terrible.

"Now being winter you know it's a little tough, especially at Christmas time so I am sure they were looking for Christmas money themselves," he said.

“If you see the trailer or know anything about the theft, call the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.