Tulsa City Councilors are working to crack down on copper thieves. They are voting on whether to change a city ordinance on scrap metal, so it will model a new state law.

When someone comes by a scrap yard like Frailey Recycling to sell metal they can expect to be on camera. It's a step that's been in place for years in hopes of deterring people from trying to sell stolen metal.

"You can kinda see it. They come in with some burnt copper, something like that. And they don't have the proper paperwork and things for it. We're not gonna take it," said Bruce Shive of Frailey Recycling

Now, Tulsa City councilors are considering making three changes to an ordinance, modeling the state law that took effect at the beginning of the month.

The ordinance would require anyone selling metal to have a state or federal issued-ID, with a clear picture. It also impacts the size of wire that can be sold legally. Under the new ordinance you wouldn't be able to sell 4-gauge wire or larger, unless you're a licensed contractor.

"It's gonna be pretty easy to be in compliance, I think. It'll stick out like a sore thumb," said Shive.

"The reason is those 4-gauge was what was in the street lights that the copper thieves had targeted for so long. That is not something you'll find in your residence," said Cpl. Johnson.

While Production Manager Bruce Shive says the changes wouldn't make a big difference for him, he is hopeful the updated state law and city ordinance will deter thieves from stealing copper and other metals in the first place. 

"If you can't sell it, why steal it?" said Shive.

Tulsa Police say the ordinance would also give officers the ability to write a citation, instead of arresting someone.