PAWNEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - PROSECUTORS Have CHARGED the Pawnee County Emergency Manager with impersonating a police officer.

 OSBI agents say Mark Randell would respond to crash and crime scenes and portray himself as an officer, even wearing a gun and badge.

AN AFFIDAVIT ALSO SAYS RANDELL WENT TO A SHOTS FIRED CALL AND TOLD INVESTIGATORS HE'D SECURED AND UNLOADED A GUN.  IT WAS A NON-FATAL, SELF INFLICTED SHOOTING. INVESTIGATORS ALSO SAY in Dashcam video and recordings from other agencies Randell is seen and heard discussing pulling people over and making arrests.

News On 6 reached out to Randell, who provided the following statement.

“I have been the emergency management director for 4 years and have been the Assistant Chief for a rural volunteer Fire Department for more than 15 years, these charges are false and stem from a long personal dispute with the Pawnee County Sheriff, Mike Waters and myself. I plan to turn myself in and will be facing these false accusations and will prove these charges hold no merit. My goal has always been to help the people of Pawnee county,” said Randell.