TULSA, Oklahoma - A man is in the hospital after police said he was shot at a home near Interstate 44 and 33rd West Avenue. Officers are still looking for the suspect.

Police say they've talked with everyone who was inside the home at the time but they're still trying to find answers to this shooting.

Officers say a man was shot once in the torso at a home near 56th Place and 41st West Avenue. From there, the man drove a few blocks away, where he met up with someone to get help.

The victim eventually went to the hospital, where police say he had surgery just a few hours ago. Police say Tulsa County deputies got involved because the victim was found outside of city limits.

"It's difficult when we respond to two scenes simultaneously, and the fact that this one crosses jurisdictional boundaries makes it more complicated for us," said Tulsa Police Captain Malcolm Wightman.

Officers say the shooting stemmed from some sort of domestic issue.

The victim was eventually taken to the hospital.  Police say the victim is stable after emergency surgery.

 Officers believe the shooting happened during an argument at a duplex.