TULSA, Oklahoma - Attorney General Mike Hunter filed 1st- degree murder charges against two people in the overdose death of a Tulsa man. 

Tulsa Police say the victim, 25-years-old Eric Adams, died from heroin toxicity the day after purchasing the drug from Toni Heath. They say Heath, 24, was selling heroin with Alex Schmitt, 26,  in Tulsa County.


Heath and Schmitt are also charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of a controlled dangerous drug with intent to distribute, acquiring proceeds from drug activities and the use of a telecommunications device in drug transaction.

Adams was found unconscious by his brother on the evening of August 28, 2018. Police found a syringe next to his body. 

In a news release, Hunter pointed out that the ability to charge drug dealers with 1st-degree murder became law in 1989 under a bill he authored while serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.