On Wednesday, Oklahoma head football coach Lincoln Riley said the Big 12 wouldn't allow Sooners players to perform the "horns down" symbol during the Saturday's Big 12 championship game. However, the Big 12 announced has since amended that statement saying players can use the gesture as long as it's not a direct taunt toward Texas players.

Regardless, Sooner fans are taking their Texas trash talk to new heights. It may or not be a penalty on the field but the rules don’t apply to fans and that’s why the owner of Boomtown Tees sold more than 200 'Horns Down' shirts on Thursday.  


Joann Frizell is a diehard Sooner fan and like a lot of people in Oklahoma, she says horns down shouldn't be a penalty. To show her disgust with the rule, the owner of Boomtown Tees came up with the idea with a little help from Texas.

"The funny thing is the foam finger for Texas upside down. That's the actual foam finger Texas uses," said Frizell.

The burnt orange horns Texas uses, are flipped over and turned crimson and creme and the Sooner fans love it.

"I love this shirt. It's awesome. It's my favorite shirt,” said OU Fan Wesley Walker.

Joann posted her shirt idea on Facebook and says now she can't keep up with the demand.

"This morning I got here about 6:30 to start printing and by nine people were banging on my door to get a shirt," said Frizell.

Joann says she had a line out the door with likeminded Sooner fans for over an hour until she sold out.

"It's ridiculous. It's been done since 1891, when we first started playing them, wasn't that the year. I mean it's been done ever since. Nobody in Oklahoma likes Texas,” said Walker.

She may be running out of shirts to sell but to her, Saturday is what's most important.     

"I think it'll be a high scoring game again and I think we will probably win by a minimum of two touchdowns,” said Frizell.

Joann says she’s using every red or gray shirt in her store to print more of these shirts because people just keep coming.

Joann’s not alone in her rebellion of the Big 12’s decision. Osage SkyNews 6 HD caught this billboard flashing and upside down Longhorn in Tulsa.