TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa couple is in the hospital recovering after they were hit by a car. Police say the husband and wife were pushing their wheelchairs down the street to avoid a blocked sidewalk.

Police said the woman involved in the accident has two broken femurs and a broken pelvic bone. Her husband has a spinal fracture and a broken pelvic bone.

Officers said the couple is recovering from surgery and surrounded by family. Police said a last-minute decision left the couple badly injured.

“Myself and other officers have seen them going to places in their wheelchairs. One is wheelchair bound, the other one can walk but has a lot of health issues," said Officer David Poepperling.

Officers said Thursday night the victims decided to veer off the sidewalk and push their wheelchairs onto the street because they saw a gate blocking their path. That’s when they were hit by a car.

“They were going the same way as the car was going. They probably didn't see the car coming up behind them either," said Poepperling.

Officers said the driver didn't have enough time to stop and was not speeding.

"Not only was it very dark but that street is a narrow two-lane street with two very deep ditches on either side so there was no swerving around even if he would have seen them before he hit them and there was oncoming traffic as well," said Poepperling.

A police officer followed the couple to the hospital Thursday night and Officer David Poepperling took over Friday morning. He said he waited until a family member showed up but decided to stay several hours later to gather information and help the family in any way he could.

“There is a lot of emotional trauma involved in this too, trying to provide some support, answer any questions we can answer. Just do whatever we can for them," said Poepperling. "I think that is part of our job. I feel like above and beyond really isn't even a thing. We just have to do whatever the situation requires."

Officers said they are not expecting any charges to be filed against the driver.