COOKSON, Oklahoma - People across Eastern Oklahoma are waking up to widespread damage left behind by storms and at least one tornado three miles southwest of Cookson in Cherokee County.

Osage Sky News 6 HD flew over the Lake Tenkiller area Saturday morning to get a look at some of the effects of the storms. At least one marina on Lake Tenkiller was destroyed.




This is video from the Blackgum community, which is near the southeastern shores of Lake Tenkiller.


We're told a recycling facility was destroyed, boats are tossed in the middle of roads and several buildings are damaged or destroyed.

"Looked over at my garage, which I got a $30,000 dollar Harley sitting in there and I opened up the door and seen part of the roof was up and I went in and the garage door was inside. I don't know how hurt my Harley is, I just got it in September," said Anthony Quinton of Blackgum. 

We're hearing from another man who says lost everything near the Snake Creek Marina.

"There's nothing left. No marina. Nothing. My boat's gone and everything is gone," said Michael Martin. "This is devastating right here. I mean few of the docks have been torn up, but these are destroyed there ain’t nothing left down there."

Thankfully, there are no reports of any injuries there.