COOKSON, Oklahoma - People living in Cookson are digging through the debris after a tornado hit the small community Friday night.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the storm but it’s hard to believe when you see the damage. Houses are ripped to pieces and neighbors are now cleaning up the debris even though many have left since there is still no electricity here.

Pat and Annie Williams were inside their home of 18 years and they had just gone to bed when the storm hit.

“And then right after that the house started bouncing and I held onto him and I’m not sure if he was gonna hold me down or we were both gonna fly away together,” said Annie.

But much of the damage isn’t from the storm instead what happened one day later when they got a call from the fire chief.

“He said where are you I said, ‘We are at Cookson store’ and he said you better get down here your house is on fire,” said Annie.

Fire gutted their home and investigators still aren’t sure what started it because there isn’t any electricity here in Cookson.


Crystal Keller and her daughter Annabelle were driving home and missed the storm by five minutes, but the debris was fresh as they returned to the neighborhood.

“It was scary coming through because I know someone who lives there, and I was worried if they were ok but they were,” said Annabelle.

Their house wasn’t hit and they thankful everyone is ok

“I felt like it was gonna hit our house and I feel sad we don’t have electricity but worse for he houses hat got torn apart,” said Annabelle.

“We have had so many friends. You know where your friends are at a time like this they have just all been wonderful,” said Annie Williams.