BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Thieves stole the tires and wheels off 33 new vehicles at a Broken Arrow car dealership and the loss and damages are in the thousands of dollars. 

The dealership says the thieves cut the locks off their gates, then cut the power to their lights. They then spent the next few hours helping themselves to tires and wheels.

Jim Norton Chevrolet employees were just sick when they saw row after row of vehicles sitting up on tiny blocks of wood. Some had fallen off the blocks and were sitting right on their rotors.

"This is an example of rotors that are probably damaged so we need to evaluate that," said Jim Norton Chevrolet President David Croteau.

The thieves hit Traverses, Equinoxes, Camaros and Silverados. Croteau says the thieves cut the lights to the back lot around 1 a.m. and they have a dark video of a trailer leaving the lot around 4:40. He says the thieves even left behind the tools they used. Croteau believes something of this magnitude with the planning involved wasn't done by first-timers.

David Croteau, Jim Norton Chevrolet President: "Definitely mad, definitely upset, but it's not going to stop us. We're going to do what we need to do to get the cars back in action and ready to sell," said Croteau.

He says he's seen a few cars hit like this before, but never this many all at one time.

"132 different wheels and tires is going to be expensive. We gotta price them out and see what tires were on each one and go back and then we'll know, but, thousands and thousands," said Croteau.

If you see anyone selling brand new tires and wheels on the cheap, call the Broken Arrow Police Department.