TULSA, Oklahoma - The family of an elderly man living in a senior living community says someone stole his debit card and racked up about $800 worth of fraudulent charges.

Police say it's important to watch over the seniors in your family and if you suspect they are being taken advantage off call Police. That's exactly what Todd Bowen suspects happened to his father in law and he quickly called and filed a report.

Todd Bowen has a video he says shows a woman walking around his father-in-law’s room, at a Tulsa senior living facility.

"My wife called me. Oh my gosh you won’t guess what happened Dad got robbed," said Bowen.

Bowen says he installed cameras inside the senior living apartment of his father-in-law. He and several other family members can watch it in real time. He says his wife noticed something out of the ordinary yesterday afternoon.

“There's a stranger in the apartment when the nurses come to give him his insulin and stuff she knows them this girl is a stranger and she was acting strangely in the video," said Bowen.

The video shows a woman walking around the apartment, wearing scrubs. At one point she is seen putting down what looks like a wallet. Bowen says shortly afterward; his father-in-law's debit card was charged about $800.

"I'm upset professionally and physically and emotionally upset about it because I don't want anybody else…My big thing is that I don't want anybody else to have their Christmas season disrupted," said Bowen.

Bowen filed a police report and says he believes the woman in the video took the debit card and used it. Tulsa Police Cpl. Matt Rose says while he can't comment on the incident, filing a police report and providing all the evidence is key.

"File a report even if it's a minor case file a report we need to know where it took place, what time and who may be on shift and again who else could be involved," said Cpl. Rose.

The company that operates the senior living facility offered the following reply for comment:

"Thank you for reaching out concerning the matter at Prairie Rose, Tulsa, OK. Our residents' safety is always our top priority. We're cooperating with local authorities to understand the situation and take appropriate action.”