CHEROKEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - People in Cherokee county are frantically cleaning up the mess a tornado left behind before this weekends winter storm hits.

Some people haven't had power for days and are doing all they can to stay prepared. Like Kyle Griego, last Friday’s tornado tore off parts of his roof, now he has a tarp over the top of his house to protect it.

Griego’s house didn't have power for three days, there were trees that fell on his roof and smashed his cars.

"It was unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it. I mean I couldn't see ten feet past our house because all the trees were down around it," said Griego.

Now he has to switch gears to prepare for a different storm this time with possible snow.

"It tore the shingles clean off one side of the house and there were a couple sticks in the roof, but we got a tarp from the Cookson fire department and they came out and helped tarp the roof off and everything," said Griego.

Griego says he never would have imagined he'd see a tornado and a snowstorm in the same week but he'll be prepared for whatever happens.

"I mean we survived this one so we kind of know what to do if the power goes out and we don't have any electricity or what not. We will just make sure we have plenty of food and keep gas ready for the generators. And patching the roof keeping all the weather out from there," said Griego.

Yards in the area are covered in fallen trees, Mangled metal, and other debris. Griego says this has been a complete community effort.

"Man, the whole community has been coming out and everybody that has stopped by has stopped to make sure everyone was okay. We had a few people just hop out with chainsaws and start cutting and helping us out," said Griego.

If you need food, water or tarps for your home you can go to the Cookson Fire Department or the Chicken Creek Volunteer Fire.