CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A convicted rapist is headed to prison for 30 years.

Julian Watson admitted breaking into a Claremore woman's home on New Year’s Day and raping a woman for hours. On Tuesday, that woman told Watson, she will never forgive him.

This victim has waited nearly a year to have this moment in court, where she sat face to face with him for the first time and told him and the judge, everything this rape has done to her.

Julian Watson told the department of corrections, he was sorry for breaking into the woman's home, wearing a mask, tying her up, raping her for hours and threatening to kill her and her children, but, DOC says he did not seem contrite and blamed it all on drugs.

The victim told the judge she did not believe Watson was on drugs that night and said she still wakes up screaming and considered suicide after the attack and hasn't been home since, but instead stays with family and friends because her sense of safety has been shattered. She asked the judge to sentence Watson to life.

"He keeps getting more violent and more violent and if he doesn't get sentenced to life, he's going to kill somebody," said the victim.

Watson has an extensive juvenile history, including kidnapping a teenage girl, assault and breaking into homes. Claremore's police chief and deputy chief were in court to show their support for the victim and were relieved Watson is going away for a long time.

"At least for approximately 30 years, Julian Watson won't see the light of day. For 30 years, our women and children are safer so that's justice for now," said Claremore Police Deputy Chief Steve Cox.

A group of local businessmen heard about this victim and all she's been through, the fact she's a single mother, the fact she's putting herself through school, while also serving this community for years as a nurse and they decided to give her 1,000 dollars to show their love and support.

She says she is eternally grateful.