TULSA, Oklahoma - You know it’s cold outside when you find a Polar Bear on the plaza of the Tulsa County Court House. It's nothing to worry about, but why is it there?

A viewer sent us some photos from Monday.



Actually, it's an Alaska Polar Bear.

"I'm the President of Nature Works, we are responsible for the 28 bronze monuments up and down River Parks and throughout the city, Jenks, Bixby, and the Tulsa International Airport," said Steve Berklacy.

This is the dedication of number 29, it'll be the only one currently in the downtown area, and it honors retired Judge Pete Messler who is the 2018 Stewardship honoree for his lifelong support of wildlife conservation.

Nature Works is a Non-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote wildlife conservation and each year the group donates a monument like this to the area.

This is the third one created by artist Paul Rhymer but why an Alaska Polar Bear in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

"We have a list we work off of the large mammals of North America. We've been known to throw a fish or a bird in from time to time," said Berklacy.

It's at the courthouse simply because the county offered the spot and made it easy. That plus Judge Messler said he wanted it someplace where kids could see it and learn from it. So, between the library and the courthouse seems like a perfect spot.