TULSA, Oklahoma - There are some sad Tulsans thanks to some fake news that quickly turned excitement into disappointment on Wednesday. 

Drivers immediately started to notice the sign up along 41st street Wednesday morning where the old Whataburger used to stand.


This sign is fake, according to In & Out Burger.

An In-N-Out burger? In Tulsa? It was a hoax - and Facebook has been flooded ever since. Comments ranged from disappointed to crying to asking why the company would toy with people’s emotions.

Russell Goodman had a friend who started a similar rumor with Whole Foods.

“Someplace shut down and he started a rumor. He's a standup comedian so it was pretty funny,” said Goodman. “Somebody said In-N-Out was going here? That’s fantastic, that is awesome.”

So apparently in other places, these false signs have gone up they come down pretty quickly so we checked and sure enough hours later the In-N-Out burger sign was down.

On Facebook, Norval Kennedy pointed out it might be a marketing tactic.

However, In-N-Out sent a statement reading in part:

"We grow pretty slowly here at In-N-Out and, while we are always looking for new opportunities and potential locations, we are not currently pursuing anything in Tulsa."

Goodman used to live in California and though he favors In-N-Out the current lot is working out nicely for him as it is.

"It doesn’t really matter to me.  Hopefully, it stays an empty lot so I can park there," said Goodman.

In-N-Out apologized for the confusion and thanked us for calling to get the story right. For the time being Denton, Texas is the closest place to satisfy the In-N-Out Burger urge.